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2463 days ago


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becki17745 2459 days ago

I don't like Chima either!! She thinks her shit doesn't stink! I remember when she saw the Have Nots room & said that a princess doesn't live like this! Who the hell does she think she is?!

lisapoet 2461 days ago

Chima is just a female Ronnie... if you could call Ronnie a male.

keybos 2461 days ago

chima or she-man i cant stan ur ass that not a weave thatz a wig every time shr touch her head it moves lmao y the hell did she go on tv wiyh that fvcking mop u cold have giving it a prem 1st

gingerkiller 2461 days ago

If he threw the water on her, that bitch would have melted and her weave would have shrieked in horror #bb11

kaygmck 2462 days ago

chima is super annoying, i actually kinda like russell. he shouldve thrown water on her hair..she wouldve flipped!

emmylizzi 2463 days ago

"She-male" is so annoying to watch i hope Russel put her in her place after this incident

shortstuff00 2463 days ago

It doesnt seen like chima cares about her daughter or family watching now?????!!!!

reddaysgoby 2463 days ago

It never fails all of what society calls "good looking" people clique and end up hating each other once they see their "inner beauty," that's why I love to watch this show! Ronnie is just a snake who wants to be with the in-crowd-whatever. Some people nev

nkoyko 2463 days ago

Chima's a bitch! But Russel's a dick so I gues they equal each other out!

deanna_finn 2463 days ago

wow what did russel do to chima

lovingit2 2463 days ago

frig Chima GROW UP!! How old are you? 10? You are just as nasty as nasty Natalie, idiot

luckyiflanguid 2463 days ago

Chima you can go suck a halls and defend ronnie some more.

lohrumts73 2463 days ago

What a bitch! Are they seriously hooking up in the house?

imleahhartley 2463 days ago