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Director of New Media for @RyanSeacrest at @RSP. Also a photographer. Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?

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2122 days ago


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AldonLamb 2120 days ago

This is such an awkward photo.

junghwannie 2120 days ago

Ohh love the last on the far right. She looks excited.

XxrolaxX207 2121 days ago

well..i don't care about clinton(whatever)...i love korean people^^ especialy bi rain:p

alid3y 2121 days ago


Jillymoe 2121 days ago

You gotta love and appreciate Bill Clinton ... he's always had "it" and always will.

bigbunnimal 2121 days ago

They all look scary except for Clinton.

jillriter 2121 days ago

praise God for the pardon!

wdfarmer 2121 days ago

Why are they so serious? It's probably all the soldiers in the room with fingers on automatic weapons.

ryandrews 2121 days ago

He's not so ronery now is he?

Athena_of_Forks 2121 days ago

And, for anyone who would read my comment and think, "What an idiot!", that was meant as a joke.

Athena_of_Forks 2121 days ago

They all look so... angry...

ciscorocks 2121 days ago


emug747 2121 days ago

maybe they torture people when caught smiling...

Claire_MS 2121 days ago


nicbusby 2121 days ago

Why's everyone so tense?

nicbusby 2121 days ago

Why's everyone so tense?

sandyvillanueva 2121 days ago

so symmetrical except for the woman. lol :) nice waves in the bg ;)

Peppy_5 2121 days ago

I wish they would all move to the left--so I can see the beautiful picture in the background--thank you

Peppy_5 2121 days ago

wish they would all move to the my left -I would like to see the full beautiful picture in the back!!

WiNingSiH 2121 days ago

Love peaCefulL