as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

__________ the embodiment of fear is his title. but he needs a name still so feel free to shot some names. :D

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838 days ago

__________ the embodiment of fear is his title. but he needs a name still so feel free to shot some names. :D


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DavidWBarnett 816 days ago

i would totally have bought the sword if it were the size shown here but in game it's just too big

AurumAssassin 819 days ago

dage, I am a loyal follower, call it..... shadowed sin of the paragon.

ToD_Haseo 820 days ago

Terror of Death, hahaha XD

EbilDreadPalys 820 days ago


LegionOfWar_AQW 822 days ago

Hellmare, the embodiment of fear. The word fear reminds me of nightmare, so I though why not add the mare to something scary.

Shydoli 826 days ago

when do you plan too realease it dagy :D

JaykillahAE 826 days ago

Legion NightMare Enchanter.

DeadVortex 826 days ago

Deimos (Greek god of Terror and Fear)

jhunrickcalva 827 days ago

angel's assasin of the death thats it i think it is cool name for that

TheBlackHood 827 days ago

Devourer of Dreams. Dagon, Terrus, or Abhorrence the embodiment of fear.

BredzPro 828 days ago

SoulSlayer, SoulEater or UnderGate Keeper

AEgamer5001 829 days ago

bum fidling angel of penguinz

Dage_13 830 days ago

Guardian Angel Of Death, Or Guardian Of Death?

Rudreh 831 days ago


PriestessAza 832 days ago

Name it "Phobos" which is literally the Greek personification deity of Fear.
Or "Timor", which is it's Roman equivalent.

Rsrdaman 833 days ago

Tetheryx, the embodiment of fear. :o

Akriloth 833 days ago

Disturbed Horned Lich

Akriloth 833 days ago

Shadow Blightfiend of Dage, Unholy Reaper of Dage, Nulgath Slayer, Demon Blademaster,

TomcatArts 834 days ago

Furor, the embodiment of fear :P Furor is Latin Noun for Madness :D

HyorranSiqueira 834 days ago