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2035 days ago


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poedj_minkz 1797 days ago

so am i..

martinios 1891 days ago

I use bikes too.

demonicwings 1935 days ago

Ooh, nice bike. I haven't rode (ridden??) one since 2000. Crazy, huh??

mootkiller 1992 days ago

ha of course... everyone in Davis has a bike :P

Beverly_2010 2032 days ago

I have a bike too

Janciepants 2033 days ago

I just bought a TREK Hybrid this summer and have been riding to/from work. Great bike!

repsolgirl22 2034 days ago

lols youtube celeb.kevjumba will ride a bike OMG.

CraZeeSeXiCooL 2034 days ago

lol @ least you'll get ur exercise

ikiris 2035 days ago

Dude..mud DO NOT want the freshman stripe..and watch out for those bike circles.

v12345c 2035 days ago

oops, my last comment was cut off at the end. the last phrase was "so riding a bike should be easy".

v12345c 2035 days ago

lol. cool bike... the most fuel efficient and greenest form of transportation :) you definitely should wear a helmet when riding your bike. how far is your dorm from classrooms/lecture halls? your university is pretty flat, so riding a bike should be e

DanTheDopeMan 2035 days ago

hahahahahaha kev jumba nice one

daxter831 2035 days ago

well..... at least you can ride through traffic =)

blu3_b38r 2035 days ago

hahha lolz catigxone is soo right

catigxone 2035 days ago

Hey, that's not so bad. Just remember to take your front wheel with you or someone might try to steal your bike. It used to happen A LOT when I was in college.

christinaaaa 2035 days ago

Hotness right there ;)
Seriously riding bikes at college is amazing!

popcornboii 2035 days ago

wow ur so lucky. i have to walk for miles.

NAndrade77 2035 days ago

Hey I have to commute 30 minutes to school everyday without a car so at least the bike gets you place to place

Sikemajor 2035 days ago

Bright Side: Your going green
your working those leg muscles
and working out.

AhSaimun 2035 days ago

Look on the bright side, at least you'll be working out...sort of...I don't know... :(