A box recently appeared on my rescue page which says,
"Daily Budget $25 per day."  This is the default amount which Facebook wants to promote my posts about our homeless Siberian Huskies:  https://www.facebook.com/HuskyMomAtSiberianHuskyRescueOfFlorida
As an all-volunteer 501-C (non-profit), ALL money that we raise goes to saving #Siberian #Huskies. We CANNOT afford to pay #Facebook anything to promote our posts!
To ensure that the posts on our #dogs continue to show in your news feed, please choose the "Get Notifications" option from the drop down menu (it appears when you hover your mouse over the LIKED button.)
It has been brought to our attention that FB has yet again reduced pages post reach as they want rescues to pay to "boost" our visibility. We CANNOT pay Facebook to promote any of our posts!