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Can you guess where this weapon is mirrorred from? ;D

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811 days ago

Can you guess where this weapon is mirrorred from? ;D


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D3m0nicTurtle 804 days ago

so how would you know what the mirror version looks like? I say it looks just fine. The shape is right and the head is where the skull should be

TrippShot_AE 806 days ago

Everyone says Soul Eater,.......... BUT i say Sword of Miltonius.

Edorath1 809 days ago

Maybe dragonblade, or some Legion item

KectorerAragos 810 days ago

I love the woman's face, I look foward to getting it. c: And Dage_The_Great at least he can draw better then you. Just saying. ;D

andrew199950 810 days ago

Awesome you did what i wanted ty so much :D

Dage_The_Great 810 days ago

gotta say you suck at maken legion mirror blades,if only dage had some time to do it him self

Dage_The_Great 810 days ago

are you freaken seriuos!!!! thats is so freaken retarded!!!! looks nothing like the mirror blade

JzRamireZz_79 810 days ago

why dont mirrow Sepulchure SET >:D>:D>:D !!!!!!!!!

reasshadon 810 days ago

i love this 1 really well done vokun. really like the shading and the demon girl face. keep it up

Kenji_PR 810 days ago

No offence, but can you please stop putting Girly faces on legion blades.....

DoomSkuller 810 days ago

Looks nice, but why the horns?

MiItonius 810 days ago

Sweet :)

AE123uyt 811 days ago

Soul Eater Advanced

Zinrio666 811 days ago

Let me guess, soul eater advanced ?