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Players waiting in line to take there drug test!!!!

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2191 days ago

Players waiting in line to take there drug test!!!!


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stellar_vision 2182 days ago


AmandaDBaise 2191 days ago

Watch out! The grammar nazi clownofthe day is on the prowl!!! Douche.

MissSports 2191 days ago

I can just see and feel the tension! No worries 4 the smiling faces. Good luck to the whole team...

Gem_Esq 2191 days ago

You're gonna get fined TwitPic'ing all that goes on behind the Bengals lockroom.

datowndrunk 2191 days ago

hehehe at the old guy with his in the corner of the desk. Dude is probably getting turned on and dont want anyone to see he's hard

FireRunner 2191 days ago

Wow! At least people are proactive in proving themselves free of PED (currenlty).

VPHDA 2191 days ago

Is that a camera man confirming ya'll stand in line doing the test? Damn, that's too serious.

Live4Sundays 2191 days ago

Players in line to take their test! No nervous nellie's here, right? lol...

clownoftheday 2191 days ago

Hey Ocho Clowno! Do they offer grammar classes at Georgetown? Sign up for one fast!

peteinhou 2191 days ago

Love the wall art...

terrellowensfan 2191 days ago

You all clean man?

GlennMooreCLE 2191 days ago

is that fresh urine on the table!??!!?!?

DMJWK 2191 days ago

is that old guy rubbing himself on the edge of the table??