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Francine Pascal

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Genre: Realistic, Romance, School Story. Lila will be spending the week in New York City and she ;s invited Jessica to . .   He talks about how he — a straight man — got inside the heads of teen  girls , how smoking pot helped the creative process, and how he wrote his bros into the lives of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.…The English literature scholar whose  ;hidden life ; as a  Sweet Valley  .   Readers may be surprised to learn that  Sweet Valley  Confidential is the first  Sweet Valley book  Pascal has actually written  cover  to  cover  (though, she says with a laugh, "I wrote every single one of those f--king plotlines").How Your  Sweet Valley High  Gets Made | The HairpinNow that Francine Pascal ;s young-adult series  Sweet Valley High  has spawned the recent Sweet Valley Confidential and the new e- book  series The Sweet Life, perhaps it ;s time to explore how your  Sweet Valley High  gets made.   Danny, the bar owner and his wife Julie are the parental figures of the group. I was drawn to SVH more than any other reading series as a kid, and . « Sweet Valley Saga: The Patmans of Sweet Valley ·  Sweet Valley High  #129:  Cover Girls  » .  In All Series-ousness: Double Love ( Sweet Valley High  #1)Double Love ( Sweet Valley High  #1). Why is it .   - The Daily BeastPretty, popular, with perfect California tans, the identical twins were the Carrie Bradshaws of their day—"the most adorable, dazzling 16-year-old  girls  imaginable," as Pascal once described them—wearing the best clothes, dating the most popular .  ;Sweet Valley became my .   “The trick is to think of Elizabeth and Jessica as the good and bad sides of one person,” Pascal explains on the promotional website for new  book Sweet Valley  Confidential.  Cover Girls (Sweet Valley High) by Francine Pascal:  New Sweet Valley High Cover Girl? Soap Star Leven Rambin!  Somewhat off topic, but suddenly i'm having flashbacks to all these books i used to read, but cannot remember the titles: 1. classic. ALMOST MARRIED/#102 (Sweet Valley High, No 102).  From Russia, With Love:  Sweet Valley High  1-5 | Forever Young AdultErin reviews  Sweet Valley High Books  1-5 in the only way possible: with a drinking game.   How Your Sweet Valley High Gets Made | The Hairpin  How did you get into the mindset of writing for a teen girl?. .