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Mirror Caladbolg is done :D

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586 days ago

Mirror Caladbolg is done :D


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MiItonius 572 days ago

This is wayyyyy better then dage's remake of mirror caladbolg.

AQisFun 576 days ago

How do you get that? I want to GET THAT WEAPON!!!! It looks insane. This would be the item of the year. Please release it. I have 3,000 ACs left..

TrippShot_AE 577 days ago

Now only the mirror version of the cape, helm and armor of legion titan to complete the set

JeffTechnoWizAQ 578 days ago

I would suggest if you could of. During that time. Talk to or Alina on What this "Legion of Light" is all about. Plus Live and learn! I would of pictured. A wonderful floating blade with ribbons on it myself XD A bit fruitly. but it would of

JeffTechnoWizAQ 578 days ago

I think it due to the amount of skulls. The large amount of gold. Plus Dage the Good releases souls. This don't seem "good" as in "Good guys" sort. It seems a bit evil o.o Even more with the horns. D: Still I hope you keep at it! I know you can do WAY be

bossmikeyAQ 579 days ago

Changed the hex of the image then posted a face on top of the blade...

Lamp_AE 579 days ago

The handle is covered in hair and it's still covered in skulls. There's nothing "mirrored" about it.

Lamp_AE 579 days ago

Vokun, I normally like your art, but to be quite honest, this is a total cop-out and it shows.

Poppeel 579 days ago

Edorath1 580 days ago

Pretty good, but the only thing i wonder is: why the skulls?

JSketches 581 days ago

Not bad, but you could have done better. Like instead of slapping on a face on the hilt. It really looks mismatched along side with refurbished Caladbolg.

reasshadon 582 days ago

if that can't be done thats fine with me like it but just still looks bit to scary for the good side.

reasshadon 582 days ago

It looks cool yes but not really like a paladin blade. maybe making the ohter skulls more like faces?

otjekrokotje 583 days ago

Imagine the spikes coming out of her face instead of from behind it.

Shydoli 583 days ago

the eyes need a remake

jacsmolen 583 days ago

maybe merge the face in and remove the skulls and spikes

jacsmolen 583 days ago

well i agree it looks evil; it seems like a golden caladbolg with a angel face grafted onto it

DoomSkuller 584 days ago

And maybe get rid of a couple of the skulls/faces (the middle ones?)

DoomSkuller 584 days ago

It still looks sinister imo. Make the rest of the skulls into angel faces, and round out the spikes and blade

Dan_X_Doa 584 days ago

Lolol all the comments got deleted XD