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There is a heart at the bottom of my contact lens case.

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2190 days ago

There is a heart at the bottom of my contact lens case.


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PatrickHall 2153 days ago


xangelxdevilx 2167 days ago

Haha! That's so cool! I found a heart shaped rock at the beach and a heart shaped potato chip!

ThisPARAheart 2167 days ago

ha...nice! YOU ROCK AMBER!!

Tremble74 2185 days ago

Cannot wait to see em JJay. Also I found a heart shaped pickle sclice in my Double quarter ponder with cheese the other day but I did not take a picture of it, mostly because I do not like the pickle. Finally Amber rocks as always.

JayTheLade 2186 days ago

OMG! How cool :) I've started taking pictures of heart shapes that I find naturally and i've found soooo many!! I think I will put them up here for everyone to see! Thanks for the inspiration/motivation Amber! xxx

rip_ley 2188 days ago

it makes me think to a plastic phone babies can play with...Okay: I need contact lenses ;)

AmberAddict 2189 days ago

Cool - I wish was brave enough to try contact lens as I'm so sick of wearing glasses but the idea of having them siting on eyes freaks me out! I sound like total wuss now don't I?

1happysue 2189 days ago


ClassicMaiden 2189 days ago

Oh my, that is so cute :D

ameliorating 2189 days ago

it's like an at home eye exam. does it mean you see love clearly with your lenses on? /cheesy.

CameronSaryn 2189 days ago

hehe :D very interesting :D

LadyWasabi 2189 days ago

I'm afraid that only mean it's the left case...

theParkinglot 2189 days ago

usually there's a 1-800 number on the box you can call to report random organs found in your product, yr welcome.

xenalover123 2189 days ago

Ohhh..That's soo cute!

TotemMedia 2189 days ago

Oh, that's so sweet. :)

Lole_Iglesias 2189 days ago

I liked it, it's so... blue xD

joymichelle 2190 days ago

Wow...i need to look at my contact case! Thanks for the note, btw :)

melissa_buxton 2190 days ago

Lady GaGa glasses!!!!!!!!!!! I think she would actually wear them haha.

Nathiest 2190 days ago

looks like mickey mouse

HolsOliviaB 2190 days ago

its very cute!