Imagine the world without courage. Imagine the world with fears. Imagine the world with only tears as a resoult of everything. Welcome to a Rayfort. The home of Tardolith, the god of havoc. In the beggining of creating Rayfort, Tardolith was a god of Goodness and the founder the good world. He lived with his wife, Jerina, the goddness of disgrace. They always fought, but one day, Jerina threw magical spells on their only child, Madalyn. Madalyn started to cry and ran outside, in the forest, outside the kingdom. She lie down and fell asleep. During night, in that forest, the forest Eastshade, better known as a forest of Vultex, strange things were happening. Vultex was demon of Eastshade forest. While she was sleeping , he possessed her soul, and injected his blood in her veins. In the morning, when she woke up, she was more tired than before. She saw a scythenext to her. The scythe of Vultex! Scythe was glowing dark red, like blood, and it was big. She felt the scythe was connected to her soul. She took the scythe, and her right eye expoded. In that moment, the portal to Vultex's world oppened. From that moment, the demon was giving her power, and he controlled her. He wasalways watching her from the portal. In the future, she killed her family, her friends, and the whole kingdom.

Element: Shadow
Evolution: Scythe becomes bigger, her eye glow, and she looks mad, and the demon escapes from the portal and fly next to her head.
Cards: Attack- Jumps and attack with scythe.
           Deffense- Throw scythe in front of her, and scythe transforms into wall of souls.
           Counter attack- Demon attack with hand.
           Power Srtike-  Demon and girl attack. Demon with hand, girl with scythe.
           5 Card Combo- Demon opens the big portal in the middle of the screen, between you and     opponent, and arms and souls start attacking from the portal.
            Done, hope you like. @Nulgath @Revontheus