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This database would be the foundation for the next two . Inside The  Lodge . The first  Masonic  meeting occurred on 3 April 1855 on the second story of the Old Trading Post at Bellevue, .   Freemasonry  - New World EncyclopediaAlthough there are no real differences in the  Freemasonry  practiced by  lodges chartered  by the Ancients or the Moderns, the remnants of this division can still be seen in the names of most . On 3 October 1855 the Grand  Lodge  of Illinois  chartered  Nebraska  Lodge  No.  List of Lodges - Masonic,.    Masonic Lodge - About Freemasons  A Masonic lodge is a. . PETITION FOR . Program  Book  Size.WOMEN  FREEMASONS  - Parallel Ritual -  Masonic  EducationAre there Women  Freemasons ? Find out more about  Freemason  women ;s  lodges  and Co-Masonry.   Maine Masonic Text Book  Maine Masonic Text Book FOR USE OF LODGES€ ORIGINALLY DRUMMOND'S MONITOR SIXTEENTH. Millbrook Lodge Calendar; Masonic Links.  It is once again time for the Griffith  Masonic Lodge  Annual Golf Outing, once again we will be at Longwood Country Club in Crete Illinois, just across the Indiana/Illinois Line.  (Excerpts taken from fire reports in local newspapers, city directories, 1905 Souvenir  Book  of Williamson County WCHS, People Folks and Places by Barbara Hubbs and local  Masonic Lodge  #89 records. This petition. There is also material about the building of the  Masonic  Templeon on . is not barred from filing a petition for. Clearly, the lot of the Craft in Islamic countries in general, and Arab countries in particular, has not been a happy one.  Details of the obligations vary; some versions are published while others are privately printed in  books  of coded text.   The Libertyville  lodge  was  chartered  on Oct