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Keepin' it real...

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2615 days ago


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Renata_lj 2077 days ago

i'm not sure whos that mabye its your grandma or mabye not btw why did you put her photo here

NourMNassar97 2198 days ago

that's mean of you ppl! I think it's his mom, cz he look's like her.

_RoOsmii 2482 days ago

what the fuck is that¿?

xandriaelise 2547 days ago

who is that it is so not funny!is she your granma?! jk!!

_RoOsmii 2570 days ago

that`s crazy

belsie_ 2592 days ago

cool, she lloks so young, for a nan

jennafo0 2596 days ago

i love you! please reply to mee !!!!

Xx7Nana7xX 2598 days ago

Hahaha and my real names Nana

n1rockyfan 2598 days ago

does any1 notice that her glasses are shattered

BieberGerm 2605 days ago

wow ur nana looks like my older si and shes 22

JustinBFeverx3 2605 days ago

Team Jake T. Austin

BellaMiley12 2605 days ago

que feia. mas ela até que bonitinha. quem é ?

CallieNelson 2605 days ago

SOrry, but what does nana mean? Lol.

CallieNelson 2605 days ago

SOrry, but what does nana mean? Lol.

ILovesongwritin 2605 days ago

I'm scared! : /

DevynHertzog 2605 days ago

VV dude wth stop spamminq -___- btw shess pretty:D

jbsgdl 2605 days ago

Ok you love him....we all love him.....he is soooy sweat he have 14 years me too..:))

adrianebuzz 2605 days ago

jake T. Your right she doesn`t look over 25 sorta anyway I wish you would tweet me.

adelep_x 2610 days ago

Jake, I think someone loves you haha

killervickboy 2611 days ago

spam much stop sweating him lol she doesnt look a day over 24