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Jennifer H. Fortin

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She recently moved to Syracuse, NY. Fortin ;s first book of poems, Mined Muzzle Velocity, will be published by Lowbrow Press in late 2011. . 16. Coldfront » Song of the Week: “She ;s Always a Woman” by Billy JoelJennifer H. Her chapbook If Made Into a Law (Dancing Girl Press) is forthcoming. Hank. (Lowbrow Press, 2011). It holds ten .357 rounds and with a 158 grain soft point it will generate 1,000 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. Fortin at Ekleksographia  Lowbrow Press: Catalog  Prayer Book.  Everything on mine is stock.   Mined Muzzle Velocity e-book | Diigo Groups  Mined Muzzle Velocity book download. Fortin. Download Mined Muzzle Velocity.  Find out with the Cartridge Comparison Guide, Second Edition Question: Is the muzzle energy of the Winchester 12 gauge, 15 pellet, #00 buckshot, 3 ½" load more or less than getting punched in the throat by Mike Tyson?. With three other poets, she co-founded & co-edits the. shipping & handling). Fortinfrom Mined Muzzle Velocity (click images for larger view.) Jennifer H. by Brad Liening. InDigest Broadsides: Jennifer H
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