Gift Card Premium akan segera di LAUNCHING


How To Use The "Switch"

You now have two Profit Clicking systems that run separately and concurrently, the Basic system and the new Premium system.
For the most part, both sides have the same features:

Money Monitor
Ad Packages

Only the Basic system incorporates the Traffic Exchange as a requirement to earn Daily Sales Commissions. Also, Gift Cards are available for the Basic side.

The Premium Gift Cards are coming soon.

To access your Basic or your Premium account, you only need to click on the "SWITCH TO BASIC" or "SWITCH TO PREMIUM" button located on the left menu.

The Switch will allow you to access ALL pages relating to your Basic or Premium accounts, depending on what switch you clicked last. In order to change to your other Dashboard, just click on this button again. Please ensure that you are in the right account before making your transactions!

Don’t forget - Premium Ad Packages that you purchase will receive up to $0.30 per day, until they expire at their maximum Daily Sales Commissions of $15. You can purchase 20% extra Premium Ad Packages using your Basic account balances.

So what are you waiting for? Fund your Premium Wallet today!

Check your dashboard every day for our new Support News updates, Tips & Tricks, and other hot topics happening in Profit Clicking!.

Here's To Your Success!
Profit Clicking Support Team


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