[Scan via @MazzerbigMelz] "Look at No. 2 Kristen Stewart - star of the Twilight franchise - who has been  described as "sulky", "saturnine", "ungrateful", because at the age of 23, she  doesn't dance down every red carpet like all the other dancing-horse-sparkle- ponies screaming "I LOVE having my picture taken with strangers! Please ask me a million questions about my private life!" and of course that makes  celebrity-dependent magazines like Star hate her, but not on my behalf. I'm  delighted that one of my daughters generation's biggest stars simply wants to do her job - ie, act - rather than spend her whole life waving and smiling like a  lobotomized competition winner. Whenever I see a woman whome absolutely
no one can force to smile, I see a woman who's powerful enough to ignore the  rules. All the woman on the list are simply powerful enough to ignore the rules. I put them on my 'most rated' list. Yeah, Star. In your face."