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Robert B. Parker (Author)

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(Hardcover 9780399155192).   robert parker - spenser - Bookseller-supplied photos - AbeBooks  Rough Weather (Spenser Mystery) Parker, Robert B. Parker. Spenser mystery.  The Body Book for Older Girls (Paperback) ~ Dr. Parker is that rarity–a prolific author whose books are consistently original, suspenseful and.  Rough Weather (Spenser Series Robert B.   Rough Weather: Book summary and reviews of Rough Weather by Robert.   Rough Weather (Spenser Series #36) (Mass Market Paperback - Reprint) Pub.. 20th printing.   Customer Reviews for "Rough Weather (Spenser Mystery) (Hardcover)" by Robert B.  The Book of Jonas by Stephen Dau Paperback (Feb/13) Defending Jacob by William Landay. Book Condition: Good.   BARNES & NOBLE | Rough Weather (Spenser Series #36) by Robert B. (Hardcover.