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Assassin's Creed III in stores NOW!!

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2219 days ago


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Cavatica 2129 days ago

I'm so ready to get that!! :) Have it on Pre-order!

Mole_Man92 2218 days ago

What Edition/s will the PAL regions be getting? Mainly Australia

MimiAnn 2218 days ago

"the Black Edition is ONLY for PS3"
CORRECTION: the Black Edition is for PS3 AND xbox 360 (in the UK only)

MimiAnn 2218 days ago

And no, it isn't sold out.

MimiAnn 2218 days ago

US: November 17, 2009
Europe: November 20, 2009

MimiAnn 2218 days ago

OregonSlacker RT "actually the black edition was avail

everywhere and sold out" No, it wasn't. The

Black Edition is a pre-order UK exclusive from - ONLY

sold in the UK. You can also pre-order it at


MimiAnn 2218 days ago

they had any brains. Can you tell I'm a

little bitter? LOL


MimiAnn 2218 days ago

die-hard Assassin gamers and if that's what they intend...

well, they've succeeded in their task.

IF they had any brains, all these "special editions" should be

region free, sold everywhere and would be for both XBOX 360

and PS3. Again, IF

MimiAnn 2218 days ago

Unfortunately, this edition (picture above) and the Black

Edition is ONLY for PS3. Completely agree with If Ubisoft is in charge of doing these "special editions" they have to stop. Because all they are doing is pissing off the die-hard As

Dark_Jango 2218 days ago

I know that the PSN logo means downloadable content. But why can't we get the Black Edition?

scorpius41 2218 days ago

I wanttt!

MGSROCKS1 2218 days ago

How come the Assassin's Creed II case next to the book has a PlayStation Network logo?

ps3gamer85 2218 days ago


thehellequin 2218 days ago

Seriously, it was made in North America, we should be getting the awesomeness of the Black Edition

MimiAnn 2219 days ago

WHEN will Canada be getting "Assassin's Creed 2 Black Edition"? The game was created in Montreal, yet how come the UK gets this edition & not us?!?

dayvido 2219 days ago

the UK "Black" version does look way better :/... but I'll buy this anyway :)

jjanda866 2219 days ago

For anyone who already pre-ordered it at gamestop for the $60 Standard Edition, you can ask them to switch it.

yamisakura 2219 days ago

Sweet!!! I can't wait to add this to my colection!!

qprmad 2219 days ago

omg is this a british release or just an american release i hope it is a british release

Toefl101 2219 days ago

Man the UK Version looks way more bad ass but this is still cool.