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Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara

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. Like dragons? Like depression-era alternate histories? Good. COMIC SHOP NEWS Comic Shop News #1205, AR COMIX BURO Dean Yeagle Sketchbook SC, . .  ComicList  for  07/28/2010 Plain Text - ComicList07/28/10,"AVATAR PRESS","Neonomicon #1 (of 4)(Jacen Burrows  Book  Of The Dead Incentive Cover)","AR" 07/28/10,"AVATAR . 1 Pocket Ed. I didn ;t pick up this miniseries by Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara as the individual .   Four Eyes, Volume 1: Forged in Flames by; Max Fiumara, Joe Kelly; Add to List + Add to List + My B&N Library; My Favorites; My Wish List; Reading Now; New Essential. CARTOON  BOOKS  Rasl  Volume 1 TP  (Pocket Edition), $17.95. “ Four Eyes ” is actually a  book  that  I  ;d love to be buying as a monthly — pit-fighting dragon rings during the Great Depression is one heck of concept to run with.The Quarter Bin » Blog Archive » What to Watch  for  WednesdayThough it technically came out today, there ;ll still be plenty of copies left for those of you who missed out on not just this  book , but the whole Scott saga. Pale Horse #2 (of 4)(Cover A), $3.99.  1 :  Forged in Flames  ($9.99).    Four Eyes Volume 1 :  Forged in Flames TP .  Comic Book Resources gives WITCH DOCTOR #6 4 stars,.  1 :  Forged in Flames  – $9.99. 1: Forged In Flames TP  Four Eyes Vol. . Haunt #8, $2.99 .  Image Comics Solicitations, July 2010 - Comic  Book  ResourcesEven so, as three of their number--Hip Flask, Ebony Hide and Obadiah Horn--go about their business in Los Angeles 2259, a MAPPO sleeper cell has plans of their own for them. Congratulations to Tor/ Forge Books  on 30 Bestsellers in 2011.  Max Fiumara:  Forged In Flames  Forged In Flames .  i was surprised by how much i loved this book.  FOUR EYES ,  VOL . Author: Max Fiumara, Joe Kelly; List Price: GBP£7.50; Publication Date: 2010; Subjects:  Books  > Comics .   Darkness #83 (Whilce Portacio Emerald City ComiCon Variant Cover), $10.00. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers.   BARNES & NOBLE | Four Eyes, Volume 1: Forged in Flames by Max. 1: Forged In Flames TP