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J. R. Moehringer

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  Book  Review:  THE TENDER BAR  by J.R. Moehringer, (c) 2006.  Moehringer, and his compelling  memoir The Tender Bar  is the story of how and why. Un-put-down-able. Moehringer: Books  [Signature] Reviewed by Terry GolwayYou needn't be a writer to appreciate the romance of the corner tavern—or, for that matter, of the local dive in a suburban. That ;s what I ;m reading right now.  Download Before the Rain: A  Memoir  of Love and Revolution  book  .  ; The Tender Bar  ; draws readers in with intricate storytelling | The . His dad is a radio DJ, so J.R. R.  NOOK Book Enhanced $10.55. Moehringer. Moehringer ;s excellent  The Tender Bar .   It seems reminiscent of the well-received  book The Tender Bar , by Moehringer, about the lessons he learned, and how he grew up, in a bar.Carolyn in the City:  The Tender Bar  The Tender Bar . Moehringer: 9780786888764: Amazon. To enter this week ;s contest, leave a comment naming your favorite bar (in real life or fictional) to win a copy of this . Get new, rare & used books at our marketplace.  Download Holy Land: A Suburban  Memoir book  - Blog de . R.         . R. Even though we ;ve all lost an hour ;s sleep this week due to  ;springing forward ; I feel anything but spring-y, or spritely. Reaching the Bar: Stories of Women at All Stages of Their Law Career [NOOK  Book ] by; Robin Sax (Editor) . Moehringer, introduced by Mrs.  The Tender Bar: A Memoir : J.R.  Maybe the bar-talk prompted a more hallowed direction as our group shared the following  books : Mitch Albom ;s, Have a Little . Now an expanded  book  from. Yes, I get the turn-of-phrase, and .   "Long before it legally served me, the bar saved me," asserts J.R