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To keep the sun off my neck as I walked to work, I wore a kaffiyeh today.

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2522 days ago

To keep the sun off my neck as I walked to work, I wore a kaffiyeh today.


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alazyreader 2522 days ago

They're so easy to make with a t-shirt, and they really work! Well done.

yiftach 2522 days ago

srsly, now I gotta send my thoughtful, measured comments via email. Oh bother.

yiftach 2522 days ago

wait, what? Twitpic has a character limit? WTF?

yiftach 2522 days ago

I was composing the first reply to this post hours ago, when Windows crashed and I was then distracted by work... Now: My reactions, in the order provided by my brain:
1. No, really?! (to the "old lady clutched her purse tighter").
2. Pairing the kaffiy

malki 2522 days ago

No, don't be absurd! It is a white t-shirt kept in place by a bathrobe belt.

bengrue 2522 days ago

...is that a white t-shirt folded up and kept in place by a headband?

malki 2522 days ago

I really think this is the next fashion movement. Forget hipster "desert scarves", just go Bedouin-style

grasshopperpie 2522 days ago

Yes, because real terrorists wear a dish towel tied on with a calico handkerchief. I expect you'll be flying zeppelins into Mount Rushmore next.

saintyak 2522 days ago

Looove this look! DANGEROUS ;) If you only LOOK like a terrorist...it's OK, mr Napkin-Head.

josephgelb 2522 days ago

That is smart because it is hard to see the skin cancer on the neck where the sun hits

treelobsters 2522 days ago

That Jihadist Palestine Liberators t-shirt probably doesn't help.

ergozoom 2522 days ago

Lookin' good. Also, if you ever need a personal tour of JPL, let me know! Gives me a chance to get away from the desk for a while.

nathanielpayne 2522 days ago

Maybe you shouldn't have spit on her and screamed obscenities in Arabic.

tygr20 2522 days ago

You look like a got-dang turrrrist there, man. And if you are, and you win... will you keep making comics?

malki 2522 days ago

I got some strange looks. An old lady clutched her purse tighter as I passed.