Amazing Campaign. Congrats for King Khalid Foundation for the initiative. Saudi Arabia launches first anti-domestic violence campaign. The "No More Abuse" campaign is sponsored by the nonprofit King Khalid Foundation and is the first of its kind.

The “No More Abuse” campaign is sponsored by the nonprofit King Khalid Foundation, and is intended to raise awareness about available resources for women and children experiencing violence in their homes and families. The ads depict a woman wearing a hijab but with a clearly visible black eye, and the Arabic text roughly translates to “The tip of the iceberg.” An English language version reads: “Some things can’t be covered.”

The campaign’s website calls domestic violence an “unseen problem” in Saudi Arabia that is “much greater than what is apparent on the surface.” In addition to information about a large-scale study the foundation plans to conduct on domestic violence, the website includes the addresses and phone numbers of resource centers for victims of abuse.