A #foster is needed in #RI, #NJ, #PA area. A fenced-in yard is a must. If you can help, email twentypawsrescue@gmail.com directly!
We were emailed by the owner of these two #huskies telling us he is moving and they are NOT coming with him. He told me directly they have not been given the care and love they need for years. TPR is FULL and we do not have a place to keep these angels Sheika and Browly. We can’t prevent them from going to the shelter without a foster home it’s as real as it gets. They will be in a shelter in one week without help. These dogs were forced to live outside for years. What we know this far they will need training to learn to be normal house dogs. They have NOT been around cats and have been around other dogs very little. All vetting will be taken care of by us. We need a foster in RI, NJ, PA area. A fenced in yard is a must. STATS ON THE DOGS: Sheika-6 year’s old 45-50 pounds female Browly-5 year’s old 45-50 pounds male more attached the female Unfortunately, both dogs have lived outside for awhile so they will need some patience and training in several areas but are easily adaptable, the owner told me flat out he neglected them by not training them, loving them, and excising them enough. The dogs have slept in doors and they can coexist fine in doors. These dogs are currently in PA but can be transported to above states. Please email us ONLY if you intend to help the entire way through." Our email is twentypawsrescue@gmail.com