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Vokun the Good. WIP

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1159 days ago

Vokun the Good. WIP


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TRizZzCENTRINO 1150 days ago

i like your newest skuller of vokun and the tomb guard armor, try to make more of those kinds of stuff

TRizZzCENTRINO 1150 days ago

somewhat based off dages items, i remember dage had this color and changed it to a warm gold, so did u

TRizZzCENTRINO 1150 days ago

not being a hater but you need to seriously develop your own art style, most of the items i see are

dragontackle 1158 days ago

If riding dages dick is what you call work then ill leave him to it, becasue he mastered it

__Dst__ 1158 days ago

Piss off, let the man do his work.

dragontackle 1158 days ago

Dst stop being a faggot

__Dst__ 1158 days ago

I like it.

dragontackle 1158 days ago

Vokun, you really need to get off of dages dick..honestly.

BjorneAQW 1158 days ago

Rather than go for something based on dage the good you should try to do something entirely your own.

Flu_Ae 1159 days ago


AvengerAQW 1159 days ago

u brought it down to ur level.... well...its... OK....

PropheticDuck 1159 days ago

2/10 would not bang.

Sub_Dragonli 1159 days ago

If I can give my opinion one Armor White and Blue template that would be so cool. But Opposite of Green is pink (the Beleen would like a pink armor).

Rsrdaman 1159 days ago

Inspiration means basing 1 thing off of another, not doing the same exact thing. Suck-up.

EsherazAE 1159 days ago

It's called INSPIRATION. Ever heard of it?

Bladebrawl 1159 days ago

Not bad, but the face looks well... Exactly like the faces on this. http://twitpic.com/cm4jw6 Really?

Rsrdaman 1159 days ago

Yeah man! Copy Dage MOAR.