#Greece #Crete ATTENTION!! WANTED!! Please share this pic!!  We need the name of this murderer!! This piece of shit who kills a dog brutal! The greece police is corrupt and no justice is done, because the state CANCELLED the trial. 
Never has the team at GREECE EXPOSED come across such a Cesspit of  Evil whilst reporting animal abuse in Greece as is the island of CRETE, GREECE. 
An island of Greece that spews out demonic rejects, ‘The Devils Rejects’ themselves. Type in Crete into our search bar just to see what these rejects are capable of.
An island which for decades has fed off and inflicted sadistic animal abuse and torture which shames the very Greek soil these rejects walk upon, how the sun shines through the darkness of this Cesspit of Evil is beyond knowledge.
Never have we witnessed such evil pictures and read such evil reports of what these Rejects inflict on the animals trapped on this god forsaken island.
This Cesspit of Evil would require an ‘Exposed’ page of it’s own, the levels of abuse and killings on this island alone should be of a major concern to any europeon animal welfare committee that animals trapped on this island are systematically tortured and exterminated.
On the morning of Sunday February 26th 2012, this Devils Reject hanged his German Shepherd dog in the backyard from an olive tree in Crete Messara Greece.
The sadistic killing of the innocent dog was witnessed by an elderly 70 year old neighbor who had just returned home from walking his own dogs when he heard the cries and screams coming from the German Shepherd as the Devils Reject was hanging her..
When he looked and witnessed what the Devils Reject was doing, he grabbed his camera and took pictures of the man hanging the dog whilst talking to the police by telephone to report the incident as it was happening calling for Police assistance as he was an elderly 70 year old man and needed help to stop the Devils Reject from hanging the female dog.
This vile piece of scum, looked at the the witness, this 70 year old man with his camera taking the pictures.
Undaunted that he was being watched, witnessed hanging this poor dog who at this stage was still alive, what did he do, did he stop?
No!!!! he looked at the witness and pulled even harder on the rope.

Mr. Loukari (witness) said

    I believe he was trying for a long time to hang the dog, of having the noose on the neck, the dog resisted because she was tall, but she was finally hung! The Police arrived after 45 minutes but he had used the red car of his father to remove the body of the German Shepherd! I complained to the police as they did not seek the body of the dog having informed them about the movements of the offender.

This vile piece of Scum was arrested by Police and sent to trial which was postponed until 21st June 2012 then we understand postponed again. We want to know what JUSTICE this poor German Shepherd received.

The trial against the DEMON who hanged his German Shepherd in the back yard on the morning of Sunday February 26th 2012, is  CANCELLED.