as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

dage the good is done... finally -,- lota work but it was worth it i hope lol.

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1159 days ago

dage the good is done... finally -,- lota work but it was worth it i hope lol.


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BredzPro 1129 days ago

Dage the Good looks good xD [ the evil Dage doesnt like it >:D ]

Dnightlord 1155 days ago

hehehhe why not a RED undead legend with the description: You don't really need this Dage the Good isn't ever going to require it.

Akriloth 1155 days ago

Now all that is missing, is the good version of Caladbolg... Are you going to make one?!

Akkiles_AE 1156 days ago

http://twitpic.com/cmycsk My Celtic of Spartan!

Shydoli 1158 days ago

you should remake dage the evil

Schillehh 1158 days ago

You forgot some red in there :p

Akkiles_AE 1158 days ago

Bloodsiphon 1159 days ago

I hope u guy this npc a voice just like drakaths in mirror realm last time

Bloodsiphon 1159 days ago

This looks incredibly amazing, only problem is the right shoulder plate, looks kinda like it sticks out

Aqw_Demond_50 1159 days ago

WOW amazing really love it

glydingonwater 1159 days ago

I know the mirror armor for this has skulls on the shoulder plates, but I feel this would've been perfect without the faces jutting out of its shoulders.

Knight_J6 1159 days ago

I knew it was a random idea that I shot out there and maybe others did too but it's surprising good

nerodardevil 1159 days ago

i'd buy it even if it costed 150000 ACs

pingpom3 1159 days ago

das so booful

ZukaiAQW 1159 days ago

Such a beautiful, vivid design.. excellent job.

ronaldellis1 1159 days ago

we FINALLY have an armor for the SWORD OF HOPE :D but there still should be 3 different capes, this one, one with just the cloak, and another with just the wings, just sayin but this is amazing

CloseToDeathAE 1159 days ago

Wow Perfect !!

joeyparadice 1159 days ago

oh my god. now i need to change my pants..

ronaldellis1 1159 days ago

i think the wings should be a separate cape :? just sayin its almost too much for the armor. good idea to change the gold i think besides the wings that this turned out amazingly and i cant wait to get well done dage :)

RevengerAE 1159 days ago