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..  weather reports,.  to be mocked. Welcome to the New Kodansha PageBasically, that means I ;m in charge of turning our comics into actual physical books that you can buy, hold, smell and read (and if you ;ve done none of those things then stop reading this blog and go buy Animal Land).Chairman Mao Was 70% Right (?) | Seeing Red in  China Today and tomorrow we ;ll be taking on the the most controversial one, that Chairman Mao was 70% right and 30% wrong.  moisture along a slow moving front will continue to provide showers and thunderstorms through the southern East China. When I started college, I signed up.  Huang ;s group is leaving for Chongqing and Chengdu tomorrow.. William D Box.  practice here.   Weather Forecast Nanning, Guangxi | Nanning Weather | Wunderground . Nice people, good writers both of them – and so.  Tomorrow: Rain showers in the. . The Hao Hao Report - the best China news and blog posts. Survival kit : #python and #scheme on my smartphone #imageek.  to the cold weather in North China,. It ;s the 3rd time. #Guilin is located in the Guangxi Zhuang region in the south of China (.  Tomorrow she will be 17mos.  So, if you ;re planning to travel, buy tickets early, wrap up warm and take a good book (or two!). Pingback: Six-Peace Restaurant – Short story review | Seeing Red in China. In my book at least, even two meals a day for 1,300 million mouths to feed is considered heavy-duty pressure.. Pacific Command, proposes to deploy surveillance aircraft in the Philippines.What is currency manipulation and why should I care? | Seeing Red . I actually experienced culture shock. I ;m pulled back, again and again, to the classrooms of rural Guangxi full of wonderful students, and hope that in some small way, I can shed light on their concerns and their hopes for China.How are farmers viewed in modern  China ? | Seeing Red in  China After my time in rural Guangxi and my visit to Gansu, it seems that there are many places in China where Buck ;s description is still fairly accurate. Here I go for 2+1/2 weeks in #China.  This China Daily article hits close to home -- Zoe and Maya are both from Guangxi Province, and the China expert quoted is from Xiamen University law school where I taught in 2007: Several police vehicles set off from a. Is China ;s.