as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

:O sepulchure armor revamp for tier 3? i think so :P

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680 days ago

:O sepulchure armor revamp for tier 3? i think so :P


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BredzPro 677 days ago

WOW! That's so cool and DETAILED!! :D

Bloodsiphon 678 days ago

Lol hell ya remake everythin dage everything is going out of fcing date as hell

Bloodsiphon 678 days ago

Lol couldnt have said it better myself as well as the nulgwyrm bit
I just rather not get btched at by a bunch of nul loving girls...

Mcmanybucks 678 days ago

Thanks Dage..you should just remake EVERYTHING in Aqw..Milts artwork is getting old :L

G73DZ 678 days ago

Check this out http://twitpic.com/clj5ql Thanks :)

AleDuckinJandro 678 days ago

I would actually like this revamp... ~Axelwins2

Akkiles_AE 679 days ago

http://twitpic.com/cl9p1n My Composer Maul :P

G73DZ 679 days ago

Are these changes going to be applied to the DoomKnight Class ? Awesome work anyway

SteampunkSkurge 679 days ago

Kinda looks like a DoomKnight that just came from battle, ya'know? :P

Dage_The_Great 680 days ago

oh god yes

Charlie_Pope 680 days ago

I want all of this.

Conor_Prince 680 days ago

how the hell do you get it so detailed

bossmikeyAQ 680 days ago

I think you should remove the hole in the chest could mess up cutscenes before drakath incident.

TomcatArts 680 days ago

Holy shenanigans. That's an amazing revamp. o_o This is for Tier 3? I'm working my ass off now.

AegisAQW 680 days ago

Wicked! Its the battle scars that absolutely make this.

Quintenii_AE 680 days ago

Whoaw man! Looks awesome :O