Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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1190 days ago


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KASVLIN 1185 days ago

very angry but still I love you oppa :( you bad

karlitaHarvey 1186 days ago

lucky fans :)

emynurulelf 1188 days ago

me send message too oppa in flitto.. Oppa,please in see ya... Thanks you very much :)

ImWaitYePpa 1189 days ago

Oppa yesungggggggggggg! Wake up!

anyuylois 1189 days ago

very sweet...congratulations yeye :3

Gothick_love 1189 days ago

:D¡ sweet dreams darling ❤ many letters ;)

solica85 1189 days ago

Yesung oppa, We miss your delicious voice, but do not worry your brothers did good job. Argentina waits for you. I love you

HaNguyen92 1189 days ago

ELFs in the world will always support n concern about u so don't think too much n don't sad^^! never feel lonely^^!. happy evening^^!

limii_Ming 1189 days ago

How lucky!;;;;-;;;; I'll send you baby!

Juny2407 1189 days ago

TT____TT feel great relief that you know abt our feeling , so dont sad oke!? LOVE YOU<3!!!

CeciliaTercero 1189 days ago

I already sent you a letter!!!! ^^
Have a Beautiful day!!! <3

YSCheri 1190 days ago

you really take care of fans~! you're so cool >.<

Joana_sparKYU 1190 days ago

Lucky fans...i want it..

CanadaELFDiana 1190 days ago

I need to make a letter!

CN_MonZeCloud 1190 days ago

It's a nice gesture on your part read that card, She have so much Luck^^

CN_MonZeCloud 1190 days ago

I really wish make you a letter too.. 사랑해요♥

NubecitaRosario 1190 days ago

thank you for reading them <3

sj_elf_at_heart 1190 days ago

awe~ honestly im a bit jealous =P but i love how oppa is reading all of the fan letters

iEMAN_3 1190 days ago

Lucky fan ㅠ.ㅠ*

tracychang_507 1190 days ago

omg....oppa u have see that,hope u has read my letter too><