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I haven ;t read her previous  books  (well, I ;ve read part of Alice, I Think, but I didn ;t finish it), so I can ;t compare  Another Kind of Cowboy  to them. He rides Western-style to please his father but really wants to ride dressage, loving the precision . So, I couldn ;t wait to read this  book . But when Alex can ;t shake Cleo, . They ;re the kind of  books  that .   Characters / People, Setting / Places, First Edition and more from Another Kind of Cowboy, by Susan Juby.  page 108: Read and Review:  Another Kind of Cowboy  by Susan Juby. It ;s a good read, in the best sense of the term.   Another Kind of Cowboy: , by Susan Juby, a Hardcover from HarperTeen, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers  Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby - Powell's Books  Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby: With her trademark humor, the author of Alice, I Think brings life and laughter to a remarkable story of horses and heartbreak. Her first book, Alice, I Think featuring the amazingly quirky and. First off, I ;m a Susan Juby fan.   Another Kind of Cowboy  - Scona ;s GSA ;s  Book  Club Reads and . Although I ;ve heard the most crowing about Susan Juby ;s three novels about teenage misfit Alice MacLeod, I think that I like her standalone novels a bit better. Another Kind of Cowboy  - Title and Statement of Responsibility Another Kind of Cowboy , by Susan Juby, is a bit of a strange  book  because it ;s all about horses, riding, and training, but ultimately it doesn ;t have that many scenes where riding and competition feature prominently.         . In the stable, he can slip into .  The Little Bookworm:  Another Kind of Cowboy Alex is gay and he knows this but no one else does. Author: Susan Juby Publisher: HarperCollins, 2007.  Once Upon A Bookshelf » Blog Archive »  Another Kind of Cowboy This is my seventh  book  for The Canadian  Book  Challenge, and I don ;t think I could have picked a more charming  book  to read for this challenge. Title:  Another Kind of Cowboy  Author: Susan Juby Series/Standalone: Standalone Publisher: HarperCollins Canada Summary:For Alex Ford, dressage is an oasis