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Huge crowd for the acoustic set. They do it every day!

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2006 days ago

Huge crowd for the acoustic set. They do it every day!


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Hydroponic311h 2000 days ago

A huge crowd of huge girls... America is so FAT!!!

fueledbyellen 2001 days ago

sing it loud?? i thought it was atl or something. awh they're getting so big!

chelsey1016 2005 days ago

I was there, and sang along with every song! (:
It was fantastic!

ashleyophoto 2005 days ago

lmfao! i see me! bright yellow glasses! I WON A WRISTBAND FOR SINGING IT SO LOUDLY! (:

wtfdanni 2005 days ago

i was in that crowd. haha it was freaking HUGE.

brennuhhhh 2006 days ago

ahh on the very right, the girl with the headband sitting down. i was sitting right next to her on the right side right where it cuts off ):< hahaha

x0kristennn 2006 days ago

lol girl in green shirt holding red camera, bottom right. hahahah her face omg.

erikauntitled 2006 days ago

oops typo shirt*

erikauntitled 2006 days ago

lol for real the girl in the green show looks scared.

hilarylanders 2006 days ago

In charlotte there was only like 4 rows, I was in the second. I love sing it loud and their acoustic set sounded amaaaaziiiing!

mollytrier 2006 days ago

The girl in the green t-shirt sitting down looks terrified!

chicago_hXc 2006 days ago

Yesterday was pretty bad ass! I love Sing It Loud.....they are awesome guys

theShellyGrace 2006 days ago

holy shit! i wish milwaukee was half as badass as that!!!

whatsupanimals 2006 days ago

lol whoa