as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

no name atm but fiiiiinished :D any suggestions for the cape?

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1331 days ago

no name atm but fiiiiinished :D any suggestions for the cape?


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Zinrio666 1329 days ago

Dage, you've been playing skyrim haven't you :D

ronaldellis1 1330 days ago

i meant skeleton base this one's too old and brings down your armors considerably :/

ronaldellis1 1330 days ago

man you need to make a new skeleton plate this one ruins all your undead armors with its lack of detail :/ srry but i know you have what it takes to make a good skeleton template and not use a beta one

BjorneAQW 1330 days ago

im thinking it may look better without the mail hood. Perhaps have that as a helm?

teyeubbens 1330 days ago

Do a fur cape with a sword and a shield on the back, just like the dead knight cape

melnekir 1330 days ago

i mean for cape btw

melnekir 1330 days ago

how about a undead bear

DoomSkuller 1331 days ago

Ancient Legion Draugr

TheUnknownNorth 1331 days ago

As a name, What about Curse of the Legion?

JzRamireZz_79 1331 days ago

Legion Tokens :) ???

TrippShot_AE 1331 days ago

Reminds me of Gothic 2, i would call it, Legion Viking Crusader

Bolderox11 1331 days ago

how about Valhalla's curse!

Deadly_Ruan 1331 days ago

Maybe a pronlongation of the fur at the shoulder, and after a aged torn cape ;P

Veneeria_AQW 1331 days ago

an cactus bazooka! :b (maybe a shield ?)

AvengerAQW 1331 days ago

ozzimness, hope theres a human version too :P

DreadMaw 1331 days ago

Oh wow cool hmmm a sword in the back with tattered cape