Missed the premiere of #Neeshcast #39? Lucky for you, it is scheduled to encore on @RadioXenu in an hour! Join us at http://www.radioxenu.com/ or with the TuneIn app at 7pm EST! Orrrr you can kick off a grand evening of entertainment at 6 with @justbrandonrx, followed by moi, followed by the LIVE @PipFromWichita Show! Pip’s great; he’ll take your calls and requests! Awwww ye, lets do it!

This episode features a retrospective listen to some of the @GrapeGrainMusic chat, a brand new @TimeTravelsNY tune that can't be heard anywhere (til the EP release on Tuesday), @TheVenetiaFair drop in for a second, and there's so so so much more!

7pm EST. XOXO!

(yeah, that's an @Athleticsmusic sticker on my iPod)