Amanda Bynes



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pizzawithbiebs 725 days ago

what the fuck with ur eyes.

kmchicago29 804 days ago

She's a 27 year old. No one has a say in what she does except her. No one can "make" her get help.

Companybusiness 804 days ago

damn you beautiful girl, no matter what you wear you are perfect.

PoofyLatwinas 804 days ago

girlfriend..... you can't think this is a good picture

merkayluh 804 days ago

looks like a mix between Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, and a trainwreck. wtf happened??? you used to be gorgeous!!

krillr 804 days ago

i think i just died a little inside... what happened to you, amanda? what happened...

P_Taynt 805 days ago

You are gorgeous I have to meet you #please I am your number one fan #please

benjamincouch 805 days ago

I'm with . If it weren't fake, her handlers would have her locked away getting help.

nickspeed88 805 days ago

hey girl lets kick it!

AliciaButl3r 805 days ago


ALLthingsPORN 805 days ago

We're watching you!! :-)

PepperMonster 805 days ago

is this a fake meltdown like Joaquin did & you are actually doing some kind of pop culture memoir?

mooky9669 805 days ago

Rawwwwr indeed!

jaymaka 805 days ago


GregoryBrandt 805 days ago

Are you the cute girl who was on a kids show on Nickelodeon?

michelecobb 805 days ago

lol silly :)

Curtis__J 805 days ago