I dressed up in a sexy dress to feel better..
Not feeling too good today. I can see a lot of you are also feeling things.
How do you feel better?
I see some people are giving blood and "helping" in other ways although I don't know what that means exactly.
Talking to each other is helping, a lot of you are talking, that's good.
I can't give blood.
I keep wanting to make jokes.
Is that natural?
Like the caption on this vain pic could be "bomb shell"
even that is tame but I can't.
This is important to remember too:
I feel pretty scared and weird.
I also think I got broken up with.
We started to fight because I wanted to watch the Boston Marathon with him and meet at the finish line.
He said "No, that's so stupid I would never want to do that."
and then it went from there and seems really dumb now because people were bombed and killed down the street at the thing that caused the fight.
I feel more numb than love right now.
I'm proud of you all spreading the love.
Slinky dress frightened pic: