Eun Hyuk


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1405 days ago


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cutechickmow55 1380 days ago

what the hell what is that snake!?!

BeibeHyuk 1401 days ago

demi apa gue jijik liat nya hyuk huweeee kaya cacing di goreng !!!!

SusiiHaNa 1403 days ago

itu ikan teri?? kok beda ya ikan teri nya dgn di indo,, itu lebih bengkok bengkok kyak mie..^^

nayaa890 1404 days ago

myeolchi gorengnya myeolchiiiii XD

IndraAbyy 1404 days ago

wihh apaan tuhh??

tryaqiiz 1404 days ago

in indonesia thats call IKAN TERI

x_kobe 1404 days ago

makan makan

mattrang1025 1404 days ago

맛있는 ....... 오빠처럼

nova_3424 1404 days ago

This is a good selca of Ancholvy :D
Why Eunhyuk Oppa like to bullying Yesung Oppa?? Don't call him Aesongie

absolutelyu 1405 days ago

好多鯷魚 >。<

thejuliamansur 1405 days ago

cannibalism? O: 멸치 오빠!!!!

yesungmylovely 1405 days ago

aesong-ihyeong??!! O_O And not yesung?? anyway Oppa this good ^^
anchovy?? I didn't try it because I don't like seafood... :)) <33

Evelyn_Sofia_97 1405 days ago

mmmm se ve delicioso... buen gusto XD

1234Eye 1405 days ago

Anchovy ~♥ ,,, I want Hyuki Oppa yummy

Dintahyuk46 1405 days ago

myeolchi ><

ca3sa_88 1405 days ago

myeolchi, anchovy, teri... this is sooooo u X)

leeeunjee44128 1405 days ago

THIS IS LEE HYUK JAE OPPA....@ ^O^ =]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

simply_shan 1405 days ago

what is this oppa? ^^

KpoperuBB 1405 days ago


CeciliaTercero 1405 days ago

I want some...looks delicious!!!! ^^
Good night!!!! <3