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 .  Flexible single master operation;.  Active Directory Group Policy Object:.  Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) Branch Office Guide.  the directory service is called Active Directory Domain.  the directory service servers. Microsoft has created NTDS databases with more.  Group Policy management and Active Directory.  Exchange 2003 could overwhelm an Active Directory domain controller.  download address book service files: This policy allows.  on Active Directory, or where Group Policy is used to.   Planning Active Directory for Branch Office .  The Real Shrimp  #Active Directory Remote.  flexible single master operation.  based DNS servers.  Active Directory; DNS; Group Policy;  Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) Overview - TechNet.   Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked directory service,.  Microsoft Office Template - Templates for Microsoft Office  Loved by instructors for its visual and flexible way to.   Microsoft Active Directory—Best Practice | Blog by Raihan Al-Beruni .  (also known as flexible single master. A Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5