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Whats Your Number? Font

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807 days ago

Whats Your Number? Font


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JEDHEAD_INES 807 days ago

Love it (:

roadrunner1904 807 days ago

ahhh, you defo should get this printed on t-shirts, for your Jed-Merch... would look fab! <3 xxx

larina_z 807 days ago

N is cool ! Which city is it ?

xAllward 807 days ago

This is so cool :D

crazyjedwardx 807 days ago

Looks Fantastic Guys you put so much effort into all you're work guys I love you so much!

shelovezcandy 807 days ago

ace. the N is cool, ya cd do that in the Y as well

roadrunner1904 807 days ago

looks really cool, guys - what do the 5 stars stand for? X

roadrunner1904 807 days ago

aww... New York in the "N" - love it! #genius

NatashaPlanet 807 days ago

I like the super :3

Dionneee__ 807 days ago

My number? DM me, if you wanna know ;)

MiryJed 807 days ago

super <3

pixieplanets 807 days ago

it's 077777333321 since you've gone to all this amazing effort feel free to ring )

soxpatch 807 days ago

Omg amazing. This looks like it's going to be such a fun video. Me and xander can't wait

JEDANGEL 807 days ago

thats cool loving the N lol!! heyyy when do we get to see the vid im dying to see the surprise!!

Katharine_T 807 days ago

Like the new York at night scene on the N very much

JedSupporter 807 days ago

i really like it

iammissEgrimes 807 days ago

I love it <3

TheNathiJEDWARD 807 days ago

Form and Content fit together perfectly! =:) ♥

iammissEgrimes 807 days ago

I love the N

LisaHafey 807 days ago

Is it New York? Or somewhere else?