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My boyfriend @bradwalsh made me get a Twitter.

getting ready to do the payless promos!

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2521 days ago

getting ready to do the payless promos!


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Fruitatious 2511 days ago

omg i can't wait! it's going to be fabulous!

ixchelcarbajal 2511 days ago

can't wait till september

jul_mafer 2511 days ago

U're awesome ;DD

KurleeEdna 2520 days ago

I guess I'll have to make room to add to my collection!

anguianonodoubt 2520 days ago

they r super cute cant wait til they come out in stores in september!!

renaenanaa 2520 days ago

FABULOUS!!! Can't wait till they're out!!!

ohmyjemimahxd 2520 days ago

i lovee it. when is it coming out? i already wanna buy them

pinkpanda202 2520 days ago

nice shoes! do you get to keep them?

hypoxikk 2520 days ago

I want I want!

sanibo 2520 days ago

aw, fierce christian!

justnotyou 2520 days ago

FIERCE as always!

michaeljmcgraw 2520 days ago

adorable! :-)

sims562 2520 days ago

Soooooo cute!

bwonderlandj 2520 days ago

lovee love love the blue ones :D

danniecream 2521 days ago

Nice shoes

oreoliciousness 2521 days ago

I love it! The shoes bring out your eyes! =)

schlappattack 2521 days ago

OMG shoes ;)

mariakaffa 2521 days ago

Hahaha, this is so cute!

Gina_Therese 2521 days ago

you are so adorable!

Timberlinsmusic 2521 days ago

haaha cant wait, you just too cute hunn!