Tomorrow, Is Not Going To Be "FUN" For Anyone! We Have To KEEP D-Man Up Until Midnight & Get Him Up Tomorrow @ 4am. Be St. Elizabeth Hospital @ 7am For His (EEG)-Brain Waves Test For (2) Hrs & Lab Draw. All For The Dr. To Take These Results Back To Medicaid & Prove He Needs His (4) Medications & Not (3)! Last (EEG) D-Man Had Was (6) Years Ago, 50 lbs lighter & 2 Feet Smaller! He HATED IT THEN & Was NOT A HAPPY CAMPER! Now, He Is (5' 1") & 105 lbs & (11) Years Old! They Want D-Man Sleep Deprived For The (EEG) & He Doesn't Like The Procedure! CAN WE SPELL "XANAX" For MOM...YES! Prescribed, Of Course! I Will Take Pictures Tomorrow & Let You All Be There With Us! Please Leave Some "GOOD VIBES" Cause We Will Need Them! Love You All, #TEAMDARIUSPVLARMY Stephanie & D-Man ♥