as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

male and female 1950s style gangsters J6 style >:D

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1204 days ago

male and female 1950s style gangsters J6 style >:D


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Pyroskope 1203 days ago

agreed single best armor you've ever made IMO dage

Pyroskope 1203 days ago

I thnk Im going to clear my invo & just make a J6 armor collection >.> thnx much for this armor :)

ChristopherJJ2 1203 days ago

Why don't you make a Legion version ;D?

xrskxshotzz 1203 days ago

And keep up the great work and yes very good inmitaitng j5's art you are a real great artist.

xrskxshotzz 1203 days ago

Dage i'm a big fan and i love the gear and i really hop this armor isn't ac's i'm just out of money

ronaldellis1 1203 days ago

i thought j6 was perfect as is, but you found a way to drastically improve on his own design! :D i would pay 2,000 acs for an armor of this magnitude, please try to make this acs! :)

ronaldellis1 1203 days ago

dage please do whatever you have to to make this acs! this is the single greatest piece of art i have ever seen from you! i never thought a j6 prime could exist, but YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!

IsaacSmith_AE 1204 days ago

You can imitate J6's drawing style really well :)

PrismaShevera 1204 days ago

Hurr HUrr! it looks amazing dage! Well done! what why i say tht...omg u dont need well done.. ur art is already Perfect!

Dage_The_Great 1204 days ago

:O so epic

Coxy_XD 1204 days ago

J6....is like a boss XD

Schillehh 1204 days ago

I think the pattern on the side is too dark, it looks pretty though.
Why not make it lighter? :D Looks great! Well used gradients aswell !

Persona_Ignotus 1204 days ago

Amazing art Dage! Can't wait to see it in Friday's release :D

CloseToDeathAE 1204 days ago

Ac's Price <3