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Erik Larsen

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  Savage Dragon  (Image) 10/2006:  Savage Dragon  #129 - 7,242 10/2007:  Savage Dragon  #133 - 6,626 10/2008:  Savage Dragon  #138 - 6,133 10/2009:  Savage Dragon  #153 - 6,571 ===== 11/2009:  Savage Dragon  #154 - 5,885 .  Learn the Craft of Comics/Comix/Manga/ Graphic Novels .  Comics Shipping November 23, 2011 | ComicReadersEvery Wednesday, provides a list of comics,  graphic novels  and other pop-culture merchandise arriving this week to your local comic shop.    Savage Dragon: Identity Crisis (Savage Dragon (Graphic Novels. . CAMPFIRE. DAR.  In your Athena review, you mentioned how Spider-man did the obama comic first then other comics like  Savage Dragon  attempted to cash in.Indie Month-to-Month Sales October 2010Buffy looks like it will hold on to its position as  top  “indie”  book  until its season 8 run finishes early next year.  Savage Dragon: Kids Are Alright TP (Savage Dragon (Unnumbered)) $13.25.   Erik Larsen –  Savage Dragon . This new .  Comic  Book  Releases Week of Nov. SEP110571 SPIDER-MAN #20 . ..   JUL110472  SAVAGE DRAGON KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TP  $16.99. War Goddess #2 (Clint Hilinski Auxiliary Cover), $3.99. .  Book 05 -$39.99 Savage Hawkman #3-$2.99.  .  The  Top  100 Comic  Book  Runs Master List | Comics Should Be .        .  SAVAGE DRAGON KIDS ARE ALRIGHT TP  .   Our regular monhly conversation with Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen takes a.  10:30-11:30 Dark Horse: Bioware— Dark Horse and Bioware have come together once again to provide fans with exclusive news on  Dragon  Age, and the ever-expanding Mass Effect universe. . IMA. MARVEL COMICS.  Graphic Novels  & Manga