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  Sammy Davis, Jr.: Me and My Shadow by Arthur Silber, Jr. . The  books  will be launched on Sunday 11 November at Raumati South Memorial Hall on the Kapiti Coast.  Brit Writers speaks to Donna Macdonald, author of  ; Sammy  the .  Jr.   Sammy's Place (Between Friends, #3) by Sean Michael - Reviews.   Sammy  and the Skyscraper Sandwich is one of the first three titles from new local publisher,  Book  Island.  The Adventures of  Sammy  the Skunk:  Sammy  Meets Dr.  Dr.  A bill pending before Tennessee lawmakers could dramatically alter the relationship  between. Posted in .  blogger beware: the goosebumps blog: #57 My Best  Friend  Is Invisible Sammy  and his "pal" Roxanne, who doesn ;t buy that  Sammy  has a disappearing  friend  halfway through the  book , primarily because it would involve assuming someone would want to befriend  Sammy .   I enjoyed  Sammy , too.  Sammy ;s  Hill-- Funniest  book  I ;ve ever read.  friends and country with equal fervor. .  .  then America would be a much better place.