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1202 days ago

I am very sad to announce that the #RisingconBrasil2013 convention has been cancelled due to unforeseeable conditions. The promoter, and all of the actors tried our best to make it work, but had no choice but to agree that it must be canceled. We are very sorry to all of the fans that wanted to attend and regret any inconvenience. I hope to come to brazil for another event soon!


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fcpadafamily_ 1137 days ago

Oh Misha... Thanks for the video, we love you and we miss you! <3 Caipirinha pro Misha!

wtfjoicer 1148 days ago

Estou indignada ♻ ♻

JuliaDudar 1163 days ago

Ahaha! Misha is my love

viiviraamos 1167 days ago

I love yoou :* Brazil loves you Misha <3

wthlloyd 1196 days ago

im very sad ): i love you so much!

ananastya97 1196 days ago


pahwinchester_ 1197 days ago

I love you, Misha. ♥

gabihgathinha 1199 days ago

i´m so sad very very very sad, my world is gone :\

nattagarza_ 1200 days ago

mishaaaa <3

LikattoHunter 1201 days ago

Eu estava triste com alguns problemas pessoais e de repente vejo esse vídeo, e me alegrou muito....
Tudo de bom e beijos...

nanacastro 1201 days ago

You are amazing Misha! I love you!

We all love you! <3

My afternoon is a little bit happier right now...

PrixxSchall 1201 days ago

you are THE best!

vem comer pastel com a gnt, cara </3

tktyfzz 1201 days ago

А что такое "И лови"? Типа "я люблю" что ли?))

LizaScorpion 1201 days ago

ну ничего!как говориться чему быть тому не миновать!в следующий раз

Luh_Nolla 1201 days ago

Gabe could totally do Cas' voiceover for the brazilian version of SPN, haha!

Luciannaam 1202 days ago

OOOOOH não, que trágico! :( Também estamos com muuuitas saudades! te amamos, beeijos :)

applesky88 1202 days ago

We are also very sad, I'm actually crying here too, how sad it is to be poor and can not go in the event there to see you .. buaaaa!

Nay_T_Diniz 1202 days ago

But this trench-coat fits you better than that pink shirt and that hair tho

Nay_T_Diniz 1202 days ago

What subtitles are for

Nay_T_Diniz 1202 days ago

Yeah, I feel sad too. But I feel mostly sad because someone is dubbing you.