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Tuesday # 9A, the PAH concentration-escrache front of the PP headquarters in Barcelona



On Tuesday, the debate begins in Congress talk about ILP Platform Affected by the Mortgage, which was signed by recall of 1.5 million citizens

The PP has announced amendments leave the ILP dead letter since it does not include any of the three basic demands Platform: payment in kind retroactive stop the evictions and rent capital.

For that reason have been called for next Tuesday throughout Spain for their concentrations to PP.

In Barcelona, ​​the call at 19pm outside the headquarters of the PP (c. Comte Urgell 249 | Directions ).

The following links on the ILP and PAH # primaveraverde.

Remember that the process of law in Congress was social pressure to get to the street. Approval will depend largely the same .

The actions are intended to raise awareness escrache the deputies and members of the PP to break party discipline by making common sense prevailed and human rights.


Take this opportunity to remind the Court of Justice of the European Union declared that the enforcement procedure is illegal Spanish. In the absence of decisions on the subject of the Spanish Government Platform stopping evictions continue as the street (with the campaign Stop Evictions) as the courts and the banks themselves.

Mailing concentration in Barcelona

The concentration will be in Barcelona from 19pm at the gates of the headquarters of the PP (c. Comte Urgell 249 | Directions ).

The PAH has created a Facebook event to disseminate to the concentrations.

In Barcelona PAH blog has published a written explanation of the call and its reason. You can find it by following this link .

# Primaveraverde

The campaign of PAH # primaveraverde proposed green tinge to the streets of our cities and towns.

Everyone at home and on the street can show support for the demands of the platform. Here are photos  and a  collection of ways to participate .

For more information, please follow this link .


If you can! But they do not want!