@realjonghyun90 Jonghyun-ssi uhm or err Jonghyun oppa? ㅋㅋㅋ well anyways Happy Happy Birthday to yoooouuu~ get well soon! we're praying for your fast recovery. :) I hope you rest and eat well! ^^ I hope you're with your family today in your very special day and I hope you're happy and enjoying your very special day! :)) may you have more birthdays to come, a good health and a continous success in the future. :)) Jonghyun-ssi FIGHTING!!! and again 새일축하함니다~!! 사랑해요~!! ^^ #HappyBirthday #KimJonghyun #HappyJonghyunDay #HappyDinoDay #hihi #SHINee #BlingBlingJonghyun #GETWELLSOON :) #종현아생일축하해