Rihanna and Chris Brown reunited in!!

After a few weeks without seeing each other, Rihanna and Chris will meet on April 7 in Los Angeles.
Among the promotions of the albums of singers, the pair of lovers has not had time to date. But tomorrow is already killing miss!
According to the website HollywoodLife.com, a source says that Rihanna is eager to get home and see Chris. "It's been a while and she has many memories of him," said the source. "She's happy to be back home and be close to Chris."
"It feels really miss him and he too, of course. For Rihanna, she will do it hostage for a day and he will love. He is also eager to see her again, it's been a long time, "reveals the source.
The source mode jokingly says "will make up for lost time."