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Actor, baker, candlestick maker

I know, tough, right? I'm knitting a carrier for my chainsaw here.

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660 days ago

I know, tough, right? I'm knitting a carrier for my chainsaw here.


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fashionmakiroll 654 days ago

5 needles? Maverick.

kctayyy 658 days ago

Carrier for chainsaw. HAHAHAHAHAH XD Btw, knitting's a real man thing.

KyoyaSensei 658 days ago

Миша-сенсей, научи нас!

MonicaPDX 658 days ago

On dpns, yet! (dpns hate me. I use 2 circs for socks. *g*) You need to join Ravelry. ;)

SaharovskayaEle 658 days ago

оуууу оуууу )) как мило )

toribunny 659 days ago

lovely work!

StepfordMom 659 days ago

there's a definite hotness to a man who can work the whole dpn thing :)

I_AM_MAN_ 659 days ago

ахахах, Крестная мама вяжет что-то для маленького Тома? :D

gabihgathinha 659 days ago

Castiels_bee 659 days ago

like my grandma :D THING FOR REALLY MEN

GirlyWithATwist 660 days ago

Yowza! Love that you are using DPNs!

onesuperflycat 660 days ago

Definitely more macho than those pansy-ass rugby players. Real men knit.

insanetics 660 days ago

For lethal hardware, you should have gone for black or red yarn, perhaps a gentle mixture.

dixiehellcat 660 days ago

mmm, pretty yarn & a pretty man! What yarn store was this pic taken at, btw? :D

EmiliePeck 660 days ago

Hey, knitting callouses are hardcore. :)

Manushak96 660 days ago

i thought, you knit socks)

MHE_HE_HOPMA 660 days ago

you will be a good grandma

EmmaFearonx 660 days ago

hahaha misha you are hysterical :D

violue 660 days ago

This is basically pornography.

metakate 660 days ago

This is legit the sexiest you have ever looked to me.