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youkabed1 1300 days ago

fightttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiing oppa you are the bestplease care of your body oppa

youkabed1 1300 days ago

oppa I thinkyou shoud care of your self more because if you work wery hard may be you become weak.

MahsaTS 1300 days ago

Fightiiing!!You're the best :)

MahsaTS 1300 days ago

خب که چی؟؟
پاهاتو ببند بی حیا!!!!!

t_kiss501 1300 days ago

즐겁게 촬영 해주세요^___^

karensherilyn 1300 days ago

몽규님 화이팅~o(^▽^)o SS501 PERU

utajun1214 1300 days ago


LonelyAirHeart 1300 days ago

Work hard !! fighting :P

321go501Jun 1300 days ago

몽규님 화이팅~o(^▽^)o

SuTS_SkySoto 1300 days ago

I hope you do well, which plans as you want ...!! Greetings oppa I love you, that God watch over you and fill your day prosperity and full of joy, take care