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Claymore Of The Riteous (not sure when its coming out)  and the new dragon blades :D

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1122 days ago

Claymore Of The Riteous (not sure when its coming out) and the new dragon blades :D


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Schillehh 1114 days ago

Why did you stretch them =(? it looked just fine like this :P

AcielAQW 1121 days ago

Some animations of flashing light(ning) near the hilt of the sword would fit in quite nicely.

Veneeria_AQW 1121 days ago

I am lovin' it.

scottlangelier 1121 days ago

Would the legion dragonblade be Dragon Talons & Legion Tokens or 1 or the other?

ChristopherJJ2 1122 days ago

Just like what we expected.Very impressive.

jhunrickcalva 1122 days ago

100 or 200 legion token i hope

Zinrio666 1122 days ago

The legion dragon blade looks Magnificent Milord

Dan_X_Doa 1122 days ago

Woah! nice :>

Rsrdaman 1122 days ago

Dage, we all know you are a phenomenal artist, you don't need to make weapons overly complex...

Shenrir 1122 days ago

That Claymore, looks AMAZING. You should to more weapons with a blade shaped like that, it's epic.

Quintenii_AE 1122 days ago

Looks very nice. Also liking the skulls on the legion dragon blade, I find drawing the side of skulls much harder then just the front. GJ!! :D

LilishTheCat 1122 days ago

300 LT or 1k ac ? C:

Dage_13 1122 days ago

Or make the Legion onw 50 legion tokens :P

Schillehh 1122 days ago

really like that claymore, as you call it.
I made one with almost exactly the same shape a while back, but not as flashy and gold as this one, lol.

Dage_13 1122 days ago

I hope the Legion one will be at most 200 AC's >.<

Kairosmith 1122 days ago

Woah, nice! It's cool how you do holy stuff as well as you do evil stuff.

Kenji_PR 1122 days ago

nice my man :)